Beta Testing FAQ


Q: The app seems buggy and I get random error messages, what’s going on?

A: You are currently using a beta (unfinished) version of the app. In fact, you are amongst the first users of the app outside of Illuminate Health employees. (Side note: we really appreciate you trying out the app and giving us feedback!) So any technical issues you may be experiencing is simply due to the development nature of the app. Please send us a report of any issues you are having to Add a screenshot if you think it will help.


Q: Ok, so I get that the app may be buggy, but what can I do right now to fix it?

A: First try logging out of your profile (in the Profile section, at the bottom). Then log back in and see if the problem keeps occuring. If you are still waiting for our team to respond, and the app seems unusable, try uninstalling the app, and reinstalling it from either the “Beta” app or the “Test Flight” app (depending on which program you originally used to install the Illuminate Health app).


Q: Who Should I Contact if I am Having Technical Issues?

A: If you are having technical problems such as error messages, account issues, app crashing, and more, please contact us at We will responds as soon as possible to try to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.


Q: I’ve been using the app for a few days and have some feedback to help improve the app. Where should I send it?

A: You can email us at Thank you so much for your feedback. It will help us refine the app so that it is helpful for everyone that uses it.

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