Our Founder’s Story



Varun Goyal, CEO

Unfortunately, the realization about how important medication education is often happens after you’ve had a problem. For me, it happened over the course of a few near misses. I don’t remember a time when someone took the time to educate and inform me about a medication being prescribed to me–how it should be taken, any precautions in terms of diet or others, etc. The leaflet the pharmacy provides with your medication can be confusing, not to mention scary.


My wife has a history of ear trouble. In spite of an established history of ear trouble, my wife was prescribed an antibiotic known to cause ear issues such as tinnitus, which exacerbated her condition.  Another time, She was prescribed a medication known to be unsuitable for pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant, without being asked the appropriate questions. By now we knew better than to just take a new medication without doing our own homework. We consulted a family friend, who happens to be a doctor, and thanks to him switching the medication we now have a wonderful baby boy.

Once, I was prescribed Ciprofloxacin. Being busy with life, I misread the label and took it once a day for 2 weeks instead of twice a day. When I realized my mistake, I had to take additional doses to finish up the course at an additional cost and having the effect of having more drugs in my body than needed. Of course, no one told me I should avoid dairy either.

Learning the hard way, through experience, made me want to take this upon myself to prevent others from going through similar bad situations. Whatever the reason may be, there is a “gap” and I intend to close it. I want to enable doctors, nurses and pharmacists to do their jobs better by giving them all required information in a timely manner, provide some productivity and better communication mechanisms.  For consumers, I want to be a safety net and digital pharmacist so they have peace of mind and know someone is actually looking out for them.


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