What Matters To Us

We want to empower people to take their medications in a safe and accurate manner by acting as their digital pharmacist and support system resulting in better patient compliance and care management.

Patient Safety is the foundation of our mission at Illuminate Health. Adverse drug events due to medication interactions, side effects, and dosing errors continue to increase every year.  For this reason, Illuminate Health has placed medication safety and improved patient outcomes at the core of our product development efforts.  Our comprehensive clinical safety checks and alerts will allow patients and caregivers to confidently self-manage their medication regimens knowing that they have a digital pharmacist at their fingertips looking out for them and guiding them every step of the way.

Patient Education & Empowerment      Medical jargon is often confusing. Poor patient education can lead to unease and decreased medication compliance. Too much detail can cause poor understanding of the truly relevant information. Our approach is to design a medication guidance system that is not just easy to comprehend, but to follow on a day to day basis. This will empower patients to make better decisions about their own healthcare, maximize medication efficacy and reduce waste.

Collaborative Care Management The most effective healthcare outcomes result from a collaborative team approach and patient support system. This involves connecting clinicians of all disciplines with patients, and with each other, to coordinate wellness action plans. Illuminate Health aims to enable better patient outcomes by creating a platform that will improve communication across the entire spectrum of healthcare and help minimize gaps in care.

Personalized Care Intelligence Insights and alerts powered by best in class data and algorithms are most valuable when they are actionable and tailored for the individual.  Illuminate Health is implementing accurate and timely intelligence, in an automated and intuitive manner for the patients and caregivers to act upon. This personalized approach is at the heart of Illuminate Health’s mission to help improve quality of life, one dose at a time.

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