An Inside Look at’s Medication Management Engine

The pandemic has proven that the need for telehealth tools will stay. As adoption increases, the efficacy of these tools will determine the future of telemedicine. While there has been strong proof of the ability to provide a clinical-grade experience via telehealth without compromising customizations for disease states, population group, etc., the industry continues to wait for new regulations and reimbursement codes to promote adoption. With this increased attention on telehealth, we wanted to take an opportunity to provide a closer look at’s medication management engine. was founded to help patients and family members safely administer meds at home, following the model of the nurse at the hospital who comes to the bedside at the right time and gives the right med with right dose. The root cause of many preventable adverse events due to nonadherence stem from a lack of confidence and health literacy when it comes to medication management. With this in mind, our team set out to create a clinically-generated, but simple tool to empower patients to confidently make the right decisions when it comes to their medication and recovery routine.’s digital tools for medication optimization and management were developed by our in-house pharmacist and product teams with experience in retail pharmacy, hospitals, and user research. Our team was incredibly mindful of the various population group and disease states, and wanted to ensure that our solution was accessible and effective for a diverse set of patient needs. The result was Medguide, a clinical-grade medication management and health education tool designed to achieve efficacy and wellness for patients via better medication management, treatment adherence, and health literacy.


MedGuide includes:


Personalized Medication Regimen: AI-based algorithms that organize medications into a personalized daily schedule to optimize the effectiveness of meds and wellness of patients. 


Patient-Friendly Instructions: Cognitive science-based information organization, visual instructions, and pill identification all boiled down to a fifth-grade reading level.


Clinical Decision Support for Medication Safety: Assurance that each medication and dose is safe for you or your loved one to prevent potential adverse drug events.


Medication Education: A comprehensive list of benefits of each medication, possible side effects, educational resources, and more.


We, at, constantly innovate to achieve medication self-administration that keeps safety and compliance as priorities to guide, inform, and empower our patients to make decisions that enable positive outcomes. In doing so, we allow our patients to stay on top of their care plan, achieve better health literacy, and support them at every stage of their recovery Moreover, the user-friendly in-app medical history, family caregiver connectivity, and state-of-the-art clinical decision support allow patients and family caregivers to stay connected and informed about all decisions and recovery progress.


To round out our medication management capabilities, we’ve also connected the physician and clinical staff to the process to help reduce medication error, support disease management, and help manage high-risk patients. This approach simultaneously improves quality ratings (HEDIS and STARS) and patient satisfaction surveys (HCAHPS) which translates to higher capital gains and incentives for clinicians.


At the end of the day, we’ve achieved success with telehealth because patient experience and engagement are at the core of our product. Through precise medication management, medication literacy resources, customizations by disease state, and seamless connectivity to the care provider we can improve patient and clinician experiences and support the adoption of telehealth.