Med Guide

App-Mediated Medication Therapy Optimization Supported via telehealth. Holistic digital platform to enable daily self care tasks and routine.

Health Care Providers

Give your patients a resource to consistently and safely self-administer their medication


Receive personalized medication schedule, safety checks, and education.


receive support in helping those you care for safely take their medications.

Intelligent Scheduling

Using clinical intelligence, we use individuals’  daily routine and clinical insights to create personalized medication schedules

Medication Education

Simplified visual education & pill identification to minimize confusion, so medications can be taken confidently

Safety Checks

We review medication dose, interactions, side-effects & more to alert individuals to any potentially harmful effects of a medication or medication regimen

Care Network

We enable individuals to connect with their support network – family, friends, peers, healthcare providers – so they can actively participate in care. Similarly, once invited, you can participate in others’ care.

Care team portal

Connects individuals with health providers so symptoms and compliance can be remotely monitored and virtual care can be delivered via secure chat.
SMART on FHIR interfaces available. 


"I take some medicines, but also help take care of my nana, who takes a lot more, I think the safety checks and care network options are great. I also like that the app organizes the drug automatically. I learned that one of nana's drugs should be taken on an empty stomach."

Easy To Use & Helpful Info

Stede Hill

"As a transplant and gastric bypass. I take A LOT of medicines and vitamins. It is imperative for my health that I take my meds on time everyday. This app helps me keep on track. i like that it shows possible interactions with other drugs etc. The alarms are helpful and I like the care network feature..."

Very Helpful App