Medication Management on your fingertips via qualified Pharmacists

Keeping a holistic view towards health and wellness has become simpler and quicker through our AI powered platform managed by skilled clinicians.

Medication optimization approach to supporting
chronic disease and behavioral health and specialty medications.

Med Optimization approach to supporting Chronic Disease and Behavioral Health

Pharmacist-led care management that includes:

Digital pharmasicts
  • Medication Reconciliation
  • Medication Therapy Management / CMR
  • Patient Education
  • Remote Monitoring to prevent any potential adverse events
  • Periodic follow-up to ensure patient adherence

Targeted Support

Chronic Medication Managment

Comprehensive Medication

Ensure the health & wellness of a specific patient population.

Support use order

Use Disorder

Optimize patient results in substance abuse recovery through immediate, virtual support and digital resources to reinforce sobriety and improve mental health

Transplant Managment


Customizable in-app recovery routine and secure chat drastically improve patient compliance and outcomes, as well as providing metrics & analytics for health professionals.