Empower patients to be more compliant.
Intervene when they’re not

Health Care Providers

Empower your patients with evidence-based addiction treatment resources to help patients in their recovery.


Receive personalized resources and guidance to help you achieve long term sobriety.

Care Team portal

Connects individuals with health providers so symptoms and compliance can be remotely monitored and virtual care can be delivered via secure chat.
SMART on FHIR interfaces available.

Medication Guide

Education, intelligent dose scheduling, and safety checks to optimize medication treatment.

Health Status
Check-in & Journal

Track progress through prompts to enter mood, symptoms, log medication side effects, and complete health journal entries.

Wellness Activities

AI-powered prompts to complete wellness activities in response to an individual’s current status including readings, meditations, exercise, meeting attendance, sponsor contact, etc.

Care Network Collaboration

Connects individuals with their support system including family, sponsors, support group, health providers, etc.

Sober Timer

Tracks sobriety date and time and celebrates key milestones.

Community Resources

Look up AA, HA, NA, Smart Recovery, CA meetings in your neighborhood for support and motivation