A virtual medication management platform for an efficient workforce

Are you concerned about frequent sick leave and hospitalization instances amongst your employees, thus, negatively impacting productivity?

With illuminate.health you can reduce

Absenteeism by 7 days on average

Downstream medical costs by 25% on average

We add value to your existing system

Pharmacists-led approach

Our team of qualified pharmacists ensure maximum medication adherence by your employees and provide them 24x7 virtual counseling and guidance.

Technology Driven

Our platform is completely technology-driven which makes the services accessible anytime, anywhere and through any medium. It is an easy plug & play model. Our services seamlessly integrate with your PBM and/or TPA, ASO or commercial plan.


Tailored approach as per each member’s case history, medication regime and other associated information. Our services cover self-care and caregivers for healthier and holistic well-being.

Secure HIPAA compliant services
and partner APIs

Shared Decision Making

Better Support

Support your employees and their families for a healthier life.

Quality Measures

Cost Savings

Improve employee productivity.


Telehealth Assistance

Dedicated support and guidance by licensed clinicians