Help People
Live Healthy ensures the quality of care for patients by optimizing medication adherence, providing access to wellness resources, and offering patient-clinician communication to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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$ 100

The US cost of patient
drug confusion & non-adherence

– The Annals of Pharmacotherapy


US hospital admissions are a result
of patient noncompliance

– World Health Organization


of US adults have proficiency
health literacy

– US department of Health and human science

Digital Health Assistant

One platform capable of supporting individuals with a variety of conditions.

Virtual Disease Management

Med Guide helps patients and caregivers consistently and safely administer medication at home.

Addiction Recovery

Recovery Coach uses evidence-based addiction treatment resources to help patients in their recovery.

Our solution combines clinical and non clinical skills to guide patients and connect them with their caregivers.

Care Providers
Pharmacies, Health Systems

• Reduce Adverse Drug Events including readmission rate by optimizing prescription Drug therapy at Home.
• Improve HCAHPS (Patient satisfaction) .
• Higher Value based care reimbursements.

ACOs, Health Plans

• HEDIS & STAR Measures.
• Member reimbursement and engagement.
• Decrease cost of care Improve outcomes.


• Prevent costly hospitalization and ER visits.
• Optimize prescription spend.
• Decrease medical spend.
• Improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism.


• Help patients start therapy and stay on therapy.
• White label by disease state.
• Partner on specific brand launches and Patient Support Programs.
• Build the next generation digital therapeutic.

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