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Live Healthy ensures the quality of care for patients by optimizing medication adherence, providing access to wellness resources, and offering patient-clinician communication to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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$ 100

The US cost of patient
drug confusion & non-adherence

– The Annals of Pharmacotherapy


US hospital admissions are a result
of patient noncompliance

– World Health Organization


of US adults have proficiency
health literacy

– US department of Health and human science

Digital Health Assistant

One platform capable of supporting individuals with a variety of conditions.

Virtual Disease Management

Med Guide helps patients and caregivers consistently and safely administer medication at home.

Addiction Recovery

Recovery Coach uses evidence-based addiction treatment resources to help patients in their recovery.

Our solution combines clinical and non clinical skills to guide patients and connect them with their caregivers.

Care Providers & Health Systems

• Ensure quality of care for patients post-visit and optimize medication adherence to decrease the millions of U.S. hospital admissions due to medication noncompliance.
• Patient access to customizable wellness resources.
• Patient-clinician secure text and video communication between in-person care.
• For behavioral health, increase patient positive results in substance abuse recovery through immediate, virtual support and digital resources specifically to reinforce sobriety and improve mental health.

Health Benefits Plan

• Reduce high costs and inefficiencies due to readmissions and noncompliance.
• Add value and efficiencies through improved clinician-patient connectedness to increase compliance.
•Add to behavioral health offerings for substance abuse recovery to help fight isolation for members with structured routine, support peers in-app, ability to reduce adverse medication events, and wellness resources to improve mental health.


• Decrease patient and caregiver absenteeism while increasing employee productivity by offering value-based care and resources needed.
• Optimize employees’ prescription spend and decrease medical spend.
• Complete assistance for employees in substance use recovery including a stand-alone app that includes access to a pharmacist partner, and access to their clinicians through a 3rd-party administrator.

Pharmacists & PBMs

• Enable pharmacist-patient engagement.
• Add automation and productivity for pharmacists performing medication safety checks and organize medications into personalized, patient-friendly instructions that are understandable and lead to safe use .
• Pharmacist support offered through partnership with Mednovate Connect.

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