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Springing Into Team Building

Spring has arrived! As we welcome the warmer weather and longer days, it is an ideal time for workplace team-building activities to shake off that cold-season slump. Not only does team building improve employee performance and satisfaction, but it also fosters better communication and helps attract top talent. Looking for ways for your employees to connect and interact in meaningful ways outside of regular meetings or presentations? Below are five spring-friendly activities that will bring teams closer together.

Day of Volunteering

Having your team volunteer with a local charity or organization is a great way to build bonds within your team and the local community. Many studies have shown that volunteer opportunities and programs presented at work boost employee engagement and productivity. With the weather warming up, it is an excellent time to take advantage of outdoor volunteer opportunities. Some volunteer ideas include:

  • Plant trees or flowers

  • Participate in a local charity run

  • Work on a variety of projects with Habitat for Humanity

  • Help at a food bank

  • Participate in a “clean-up” at a local park or neighborhood

Create an Intramural Sports Team

Sports leagues in the office can reduce stress, build communication, and increase morale. If you have a very sports-inclined office, a soccer, volleyball, or basketball league are great options. However, not all leagues have to be sports focused. Ping pong, cornhole/sack toss, badminton, and bowling are great alternatives that everyone can enjoy.

Don’t Break the Egg

This activity gives your team a chance to use their problem-solving and observational skills. Players get into teams of 3-4 and are required to build a device in under 10 minutes that can protect the egg from a 5 foot drop. However, each team is only given a box of straws and a roll of tape to construct their device.

Plant Party

Want an activity that not only builds your team, but also gives everyone a cute decoration for their desk? Host a succulent potting class! In this activity, participants will learn how to assemble and decorate a terrarium. At the end of the activity, you can then have everyone introduce their new plant and write an inspirational message about new beginnings for the blooming season.

Create a Vision Board

At the beginning of a quarter, have everyone create a vision board of their personal goals and ambitions (paper or digital). While your team members create their vision boards, have them think: How can I be a better team player? A better friend? A better sibling? A better parent? Not only does this activity create an environment of vulnerability and willingness to share, but it also allows others to connect with their coworkers. If you want to take the activity a step further, you can ask your employees how their vision aligns with the organization’s vision.

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Jennah Worthington is a Brand Ambassador Intern for and is a senior studying Healthcare & Business at Butler University. She has a passion for the pharmaceutical industry and gaining a deeper understanding of the roles of health providers, insurers, and administrators. She strives to help find ways to increase accessibility in various areas of healthcare. Jennah resides in Indianapolis and enjoys going on walks with her Dalmatian.

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