Better patient care and reduced medical cost for Managed Care Organizations

Are you concerned about low medication
adherence and high re-hospitalization rates?

With you can expect


STARS and HEDIS improvement

Improved MLR and Risk Adjustment

We add value to your existing system

Pharmacist-led approach

Enable your existing pharmacy and care management teams or augment with ours.

Comprehensive Platform

• Integrate with existing Apps & enterprise systems including EMRs
• Aggregate point solutions and data sources into our platform for a one stop shop


Leverage existing wellness resources, disease management care plans and formulary

Financial benefit

• Reduce downstream medical costs by preventing ER visits, hospitalizations, and better care plan adherence
• Improve Risk Adjustment and MLR ratio
• Improve STARS and HEDIS

Secure HIPAA compliant services
and partner APIs


Improve Medication Adherence and prevent adverse drug events


Pay only for enrolled members


Improve access to care and Member engagement