Illuminate is ready to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic

Illuminate is ready to support you during the the COVID-19 pandemic

  • We see and admire how healthcare is helping in this difficult time - and we want you to know that Illuminate health is working to support you.

  • Iluminate Health is offering our technology free of cost to aid providers mange the covid-19 crisis.

  • We help patients with digital tools to perform self care with a focus on medication management for chronic conditions. Given the sheltering in place requirement, it is critical patients with underlying conditions stay on top of their medications.

  • For patients struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), isolation is a killer and our digital tools help stay on track with recovery; connect via group chat with peers, get suggestions on meditations or motivational readings if you are feeling low.

  • Providers can utilize our remote management tools to deliver virtual care, communicate via secure chat messaging, track symptoms and ensure compliance with therapies.


Direct patients to appropriate care, ideally keeping them away from ER and other infection-prone settings


Perform asynchronous telehealth via secure chat messaging


Manage chronic and other conditions, and manage patients remotely

Benefits and Objectives:

• Easy to use for patients – App based, and providers – web portal-basedIl

• Decrease in-person visits to limit exposure to COVID-19

• Unlock provider capacity

• Provide continuity of care and monitoring remotely

• Easy reimbursement through new telehealth reimbursement codes for care providers


A: Based on latest CMS telehealth guidelines for virtual check-ins and E-visits, such remote care delivery is covered.

A: The tools are being offered free of charge to aid with the Covid crisis.

A:  3 business days unless interfacing and customizations are needed.