Illuminate Health CEO Named Among
the Winners of The KidneyX Patient Innovator Challenge

CEO & Co-Founder of Illuminate Health, Varun Goyal, has been named among the 25 winners of the KidneyX Patient Innovator Challenge. Winners were selected by the National Kidney Foundation, American Society of Nephrology and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“I am pleased to see that our platform story is resonating with the industry in various areas demonstrating co-morbidity management via a holistic and personalized approach. It started with learnings from Roche Diabetes, a nomination of our SUD product for a Mira award, and now recognition from KidneyX Innovation Accelerator. Self care and remote connectivity to clinicians is more crucial than ever before in these times of COVID-19,” Varun Goyal, CEO & Co-Founder of Illuminate Health.

To read the National Kidney Foundation press release, please click here.

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