Family Caregivers

are stressed while juggling caregiving and work-life. How they wish someone would share a part of their day-to-day care load. Some seemingly simple situations can turn complex quickly, if not monitored. Caregiving is more difficult for patients who are:

  • On multiple Medications
  • Consulting different specialists
  • Confused about medication schedule
  • Unsure of do’s & don’ts about various meds
  • Prone to allergies or side effects

A Pharmacist-led Medication Management Service

When patients consult more than one specialist, one challenge for them and their caretakers is that these specialists don’t always talk with each other. This leaves patients vulnerable to events like polypharmacy, adverse drug events, or other serious consequences. Pharmacists at serves as a single point of contact for all of the specialists a patient consults on his or her behalf. This relieves stress on patients and caregivers who are frequently perplexed by multiple prescribed medications and therapies.

We are a health-tech platform led by certified pharmacists who share the care-load of family caregivers, provide ongoing care to patients, assist them to adhere to the treatment plan, resolve queries related to medicines, and lessen the likelihood of medication-related emergencies.

Our pharmacists are easily approachable and available through instant mobile app messaging.

Currently serving Indiana, Wisconsin & Illinois but we are constantly expanding to other states.
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Attention Caregivers: Save Yourself from Burnout

Over 53 million Americans spend nearly 24 hours every week providing unpaid care to a family member or acquaintance. There may be more than one care recipient in some circumstances. Even though emotionally satisfying, these circumstances are detrimental to the caregiver’s physical and mental health.

Family Caregivers are struggling to balance their personal and professional obligations. Keeping their loved ones safe is the hardest challenge for them. More and more caregivers are suffering from caregiving burnout.

But there are methods a family caregiver reduce some of this stress by making sure their loved ones adhere to the recommended treatment plan.

Caregivers are most concerned about ensuring their full understanding of their loved one’s medication regimen, promoting adherence to the correct medications on the correct schedule, and remaining aware of side effects with particular medications.

Optimize Medications & Empower Patients

Optimized medication & empower adherence

Access your personal
medication management assistant
anytime and from anywhere.

Your Personal Health Assistant- Anytime, Anywhere

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We follow a multidisciplinary approach to your medical care — Patient, Physician, and Pharmacist.

Services Included In Your Subscription
  • Interactive App with Caregiver and Provider Access
  • Personal Medication Risk Assessment
  • Personal Clinical Pharmacist Medication Consult – Identify Goals of Therapy
  • Comprehensive Medication Review
  • Quarterly Targeted Medication Reviews
  • Monthly Check-Ins
  • Clinical Pharmacist to Physician Consult (For complex healthcare needs)
  • Remote Patient monitoring - Labs, Vitals, Refill Requests, Medication Reminders
  • Direct mobile message with the Clinical Team via app
  • 24*7 Technical Support
  • Access to a Clinical Pharmacist for ALL your medication needs, including OTC recommendations
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Currently serving Indiana, Wisconsin & Illinois but we are constantly expanding to other states.

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