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Presenting Recovery Coach by

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In honor of mental health awareness month, would like to officially announce its new app, Recovery Coach. This application was sparked through a multitude of ideas, including the hope that we could provide better access to care options, especially with the stigma surrounding addiction.

This mindfulness-based recovery app helps patients with recovery routines and activities as well as enables medication management for patients in recovery. The application is currently in a pilot program with a Midwest Magnet Hospital in a program or addiction recovery. Patients and staff of this hospital were able to obtain suggestions of activities that have been proven to aid in recovery such as meeting locators, motivational readings and exercises: all of which are included within the application. Overall, there has been extremely positive engagement and utility demonstrated by these programs.

We invite you to look through our official white paper for this application as well as join us in this excitement of shedding a light on mental health. shedding light on your health, one dose at a time.

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