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Patient Counseling Approaches to Enhance Medication Adherence

Being prescribed medication can be scary. There are many unknowns as a patient and some of these unknowns remain unanswered after leaving the doctors office. Medication counseling is a vital part of prescribing medication and is often forgotten. Medication counseling is a conversation between a provider and patient that discusses how a medication should be taken, what side effects to look out for, and ways to reduce side effects.

This conversation can answer a lot of patient questions and help a provider discover how a patient is feeling about taking the medication. Patients are a first priority so ensuring they know everything about a medication can help ensure they are going to take it properly.

Everyone has very busy schedules so it can be hard to fit these conversations into a normal day to day. Illuminate Health overcomes that barrier with our tech-enable clinical service offering. Patients are able to chat pharmacists through the app with a quick question or concern. They also have the option to video chat with a pharmacist to have these conversations. Illuminate Health’s pharmacists put the patient first and answer all questions so the patient has the best overall health outcomes.

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