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Enabling Medication Adherence & Supporting Patients

Trying to self-manage complex medication regimens can be overwhelming for patients and affect their medication adherence. Now add in high co-pays that prevent patients from accessing their prescribed medications and you have further complicated an already complex situation. With drug manufacturers developing new and innovative medications to treat chronic diseases, it’s estimated that 65% of newly launched medicines within the next 4 years will be specialty medications (1). These new therapies are great but come with a price tag, and sometimes that price tag provides another barrier to patient care.

One study showed approximately 85% of patients are not aware of services designed to help patients access, afford, and adhere to their therapy.

Medication Adherence

As a result, most patients find themselves managing their medications alone and without additional support (1). It is our responsibility as healthcare providers to advocate for our patients and ensure they have the right resources and support to improve overall health outcomes.

Illuminate.Health addresses some of these issues. Our pharmacists-led mobile app offering helps increase medication adherence with notification reminders that prompt patients to take their medications based on their sleep and eat schedules. The app also allows patients to chat directly with a pharmacist or clinical team member via app messaging and video chats to answer medication questions and provide support when they encounter barriers to care such as high medication costs. #illuminatehealth strives to provide patients with the right tools to increase medication adherence, increase access to medications, reduce hospitalizations, and improve overall health outcomes. We understand the pain points involved in medication management, and we have developed a solution to reduce the burden and stress of managing complex medication regimens.


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