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Why Medication Management is important for CVD Management?

Heart-related diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. In 2019, heart-related disease contributed to 32% of deaths worldwide. Risk factors, such as smoking and lack of exercise, play a huge role in heart diseases related deaths. Non-adherence to medication plays another role making medication management important in CVD management.

Not filling your prescription or forgetting to take your medication can make any health issue much worse, especially heart-related diseases. Chance of death can increase up to 80% when patients don’t take their medication. Pharmacists can reduce medication non-adherence by communicating the importance of taking medications as prescribed.

Why Medication Management Is Important In CVD Management

It is important to form a good relationship with your pharmacist and have these life-saving conversations.

Mobile health applications are a great way to improve medication adherence. Illuminate Health is a perfect example. Our tech-enable clinical service offering allows patients to chat directly with pharmacists about medication regimens, medication concerns, and disease states.  Patients can even set alarms to remember to take their medication. Illuminate Health can provide additional support and help increase medication adherence which will decrease the negative outcomes of many diseases.

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